ShOrT n SwEeT fUn SiZe TrEaT

LoOkiNg 4 a LiL fUn & ! A sHoRt & SwEeT... WiLd N sExY...ReLaXaTiOn? Im ThE bEsT 2 ReLiEvE tHaT sTrEsS! iM a WiCkEd FuN cHiCk! a DaNcEr/MoDeL/mAsSaGiSt & VeRy AmAziNg aT wUt I Do! LiVe NeAr ThE hArTfOrD aReA & dO iN CaLL aPpOiNtMeNtS @ My HoTeL rOoM oR I CaN cOmE 2 u! a LiL aBoUt Me iS iM a VeRy HaRdWoRkiNg OuTgOiNg BuBbLeY bUrSt Of SuNsHiNe! Im AlOtTa FuN... vErY hOnEsT GiViNg SeXy SaSsY sWeEt & SmArT! I TrAveL a LoT 4 wOrK & LoVe My JoBs! iM VeRy fLeXibLe & AthLeTiC. I WriTe Poetry & SoNgS. I LoVe SpOrTs MoViEs TrAveLiNg CaMpiNg PhOtOgRaPhY *sEx* WaLkiNg & BiKiNg DriViNg MuSiC dAnCiNg BeiNg NaKeD & EnJoYiNg LiFe! Im CuRrEntLy GoiNg 2 MaSsAgE tHeArApY sChOoL 2 PeRfEcT mY sKiLLs! GiMmE a CaLL & sEt Up An ApPoiNtMeNt 2dAy!

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